Monitor and compare your Operating Theatre performance

What if we occasionally had an interesting, innovative project with results that we could proudly share with our colleagues? That was the question asked of us several weeks ago by our management team, in preparation for the semi-annual meeting with all Möbius colleagues.

The OT (operating theatre) benchmark, which we set up last summer with the help of several interns, seemed to be the perfect way to answer this question. Knowledge sharing and learning from each other was the focus of both the OT benchmark and our semi-annual meeting. After all, hospitals are increasingly interested in applying the best practices from their sector within their own organisations. This is even emphasised in the operating theatre. The operating theatre is indeed one of the major cost items within a hospital. If you understand that one hour in the OT can cost between 800 and 1,500 euros, then it’s no surprise that hospitals are pushing to utilise this time more efficiently. This is precisely what we want to achieve with the OT benchmark; providing hospitals with insight into the utilisation of their OT infrastructure and where they put their employees. To give them the possibility to compare themselves with other players in the sector and find out where there is room for improvement, or the areas in which they score very highly.

Our colleagues were very enthusiastic about this concept. The development, in the form of a clickable dashboard in which the hospitals can filter the information that they want to see, garnered a lot of support. After all, this benchmark must become a dynamic tool in which hospitals can follow up on their development and make this visible to their employees. Therefore, two important aspects were brought to the forefront during the development: the possibility to process new information quickly and efficiently, and to create a strong visual rendering of the results.

Are you as curious as our colleagues about the results of this analysis or would your hospital like to participate in this OT benchmark? Do not hesitate to contact us

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