Improve customer experience in the leisure sector through data based insights and benchmarking

Strategic challenge

The (a) association of restaurants and bars in Flanders, (b) the association of hotels in Flanders and (c) the association of saunas in Flanders wanted to give their members – the owners of a restaurant, bar, hotel or sauna – an insight in how they perform in respect with the most important requirements of their target groups and in comparison with other service providers.


Map customer journey and create checklist for screening

As a first phase in all these projects, we made a detailed customer journey together with our client, to get an insight in the typical sequence of steps through which the experience of the customer develops, e.g. reserve visit, travel to location, welcome at location,… Based on this customer journey, we examined which parameters were required to make each experience special. These parameters led to a checklist with which mystery visitors could screen the service of a restaurant, bar, hotel or sauna.

Perform mystery visits

As the visits were quite complex, they were carried out by mystery visitors with the necessary experience and skills with whom we entered into a personal relationship. As it is crucial that all mystery visitors understood the questions and possible answers in the same way, we worked with a comprehensive education and a briefing at the start of each project.

Make individual and benchmark reports

After each visit, an individual report was send to each restaurant, bar, hotel or sauna. This report gave the enterprise an overview of how well they were performing. Besides, we also provided a benchmark which gives an opportunity to compare with other restaurants, bars, hotels or saunas and to improve the delivered service continuously.


The collaboration with Möbius has led to the following concrete results:

  • Since the beginning of the project, more than 250 restaurants, bars, hotels and saunas have received an individual report.
  • Based on the benchmark reports, recommendations were listed for cities and towns, e.g. regarding education.