The power of persona’s and customer journeys to build an excellent experience

A energy-supplier wanted to optimize the customer journey for specific customers with payment difficulties, as this is an important and special target group and as they experienced that the current procedures were no longer efficient and customer focused.


To optimize the customer journey for these specific customers (annexed to a social supplier), we organized interactive sessions with management. During the first two workshops we mapped the existing customer journey. Next, we held a ‘breakthrough workshop’ with all involved managers, to come up with ideas to substantially redesign the journey: from indication of drop-out, over the collection of non-payed invoices, till the final billing and accompaniment to the commercial market.

We used the technique of personas. Divided into smaller groups, the employees mapped ‘typical personas’ for this specific target group. We used a customized template in which we listed the most important customer attributes and a sketch. Each persona was also given a name to make it very tangible.

Then the groups redesigned the entire process for their particular persona. By working with concrete cases, e.g. ‘Paul’, ‘Justin’, ‘Jack’,… employees were able to focus attention on specific customer types to improve their journey.


Based on these persona workshops a list of large, medium and small improvement initiatives was drawn up, as a ‘lego building box’ of possible solutions. Small initiatives were immediately introduced in the daily operations. In addition, employees started to gradually explore and test a number of medium and larger improvement ideas and learned how to measure their impact (savings and higher customer satisfaction) accompanied by our Möbius’ experts.